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There are a multitude of volunteer opportunities at Gateway Organic Farm for those interested. Farming, grant writing and marketing/PR are just a few of the areas where volunteers are always needed. Orientation will be held monthly for new volunteers. To volunteer at Gateway Organic Farm, please email volunteer@gatewayorganicfarm.com.

What time commitment is required?

No commitment for a specific day and time BUT...just let us know if you have changed your plans and will NOT be coming to the farm as planned. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday are good days for the farmer. We are CLOSED on SUNDAY!

How do you recruit volunteers?

Word of mouth and our website. We welcome college and high school students as well as folks from the community wanting to learn about organic farming.

What type of person/skills are you looking for? What kind of training do you do?

Willingness to learn about their responsibility to become stewards of the earth, specifically (A) organic approach to farming ie: crop rotation, pest control, natural fertilizer (composting) and (B) the importance of crop bio-diversity and water conservation, ie: hydroponics, drip vs. overhead irrigation.

What are your expectations of the volunteer?
Please be on time, ready to get your hands dirty and have a little fun! Bring your water bottle, comfortable close-toed shoes and work gloves. Hat and sunscreen recommended. Bring a picnic lunch or breakfast!

What are the benefits to your organization?

We have a family farm atmosphere with an emphasis on small urban farming possibilities in the most densely populated county south of New York City! We offer the opportunity to take part in all aspects of traditional “soil-based” organic urban gardening.

Can you give an example/anecdote of one volunteer’s experience?

We have had some volunteers comment they were going to cancel their gym memberships after spending a few days at the farm! Sunshine, fresh air, exercise…walking the mile lane along the gardens and stretching to plant and harvest, an abundance of great veggies and herbs to sample.

What issues/problems does your organization or volunteers face?

There are not enough hours in the day to complete everything that needs to be done. Farming 101!

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