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Get Food!

Become a Gateway Organic Farm Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program member and receive fresh, healthy USDA-certified organic herbs and vegetables every week!

2015-2016 CSA Member Application
Pay with Paypal

Full payment upon enrollment is customary. We will make every effort to work with you to arrange a payment schedule that works for your family.

You have the option of paying your membership fee with “PAYPAL”. Otherwise, you may pay with check or cash: please download the pdf file, complete, and return it with your payment. You are welcome to come to the farm to make payment.

Our mailing address is:
Gateway Organic Farm
6000 150th Ave N
Clearwater, FL 33760

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a way for the public to buy locally grown food, create a relationship with a farm, and help to keep small farms in their community. Members make a financial commitment to the farm by buying shares, which provides the farm with the funds needed to grow and harvest the crops including the cost for seed, organic fertilizers, equipment, labor, etc. The shareholders share the bounty with the farmer when the harvest is plentiful the shares are large. However, just as when you buy stock in any company, CSA shareholders also take risks. If a natural disaster (such as hurricane or other weather-related condition or a major pest problem) destroys a crop, the shareholders bear the burden along with the farmer. When you buy a subscription or a membership in a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program, you are supporting or subscribing to a farmer -- in this case to Pamela and Hank at Gateway Organic Farm.

What You'll Receive

Members will receive at least 6 to 8 different types of vegetables and herbs each week during the growing season. Our farm grows over 50+ varieties with a focus on unique heirloom vegetables. Every family is different, but your share will supplement your grocery store purchases, bringing up to the gourmet level, and provides enough food for a vegetarian couple or an average family of four. Our purpose is to provide the freshest, chemical-free produce harvested within hours of pick up! Our produce will be fresh, nutritious and taste like veggies should!

There will be, as farming goes, times of greater varietal choice in what you will be receiving than at other times. The vegetable selection in a weekly share is determined by what’s in-season and available for harvest on the farm. There is no choice, by the consumer, of what goes in the share. This is called ‘eating in season’. We want you to be pleasantly surprised each week when you receive good tasting, healthy and nutritious foods grown just for you. We will also include recipes to give you new ideas on how to prepare vegetables you know and those you’ve never tried! Please let us know if you will pick up on Wednesday or Saturday each week. We want to harvest for just the correct number of members each pick up to avoid anything going to waste as the garden matures. Please be flexible as we perfect this system! As always, we will harvest right before your pick up time so everything will be as fresh as possible! Bring your own bag!

Full Share members - $1,000 (Nov. - May)

Full share members come to the farm EVERY week for pick up on Wednesday or Saturday. Let us know which day you prefer.

Half Share members- $550 (Nov.- May)

Half share members come to the farm every OTHER week. There is no difference in the amount of produce, just the number of times you visit the farm. Half share members will be scheduled to come on alternative weeks if necessary. Beginning next week, 11/24 and 11/27, we will break into our A or B week schedule for half members (see chart below). The A/B week schedule allows us to harvest evenly throughout the season instead of all half members coming every two weeks. It is still very flexible and we will not be concerned if you need to make a change occasionally. Half-share members will be divided into Group A Week, serving A-L and Group B Week serving M-Z. Harvest will continue to June until the farmer is ready to plow the fields and plant cover crops.

CSA Member Responsibilities

• As a CSA member, you share in the bounty as well as the risks that accompany farming. CSA membership allows you to forge a connection with your food, the farm where it is produced, and the people who grow the crops. As such, Gateway Organic Farm CSA membership is a season long commitment. If you can’t finish out the season as members, for whatever reason, you are welcome to reassign your share to another household, but we don’t issue refunds for shares.
• Try new things! Be a good example to your children and eat your greens, take pleasure in the familiar as well as the unfamiliar. Challenge your culinary skills with new recipes, new combinations, and new ingredients.
• It is your responsibility to know when your share will be available to pick it up during our farm’s open hours ( Wed –3-6 or Sat 12-4.) The farm will not issue credit for unclaimed or forgotten shares. If you miss a pick up – your share will be donated to the local High Point community center.
• If you are unable to pick up your share on delivery day, make alternate arrangements for your produce ahead of time. You can ask someone else to pick up your share for you, you can ask the farm not to harvest for you that week

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